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The Ruwaza Afrika: Journal of Contemporary Research in Humanities & Social Sciences is aimed at the development and proliferation of authentic knowledge and systems of knowledge about African societies, by Africans and for Africa’s emancipation and liberation.

Since the premiere edition, eight original editions (as of 2022) have hit the market and the internet, demonstrating the wide and rich array of ideas that Africa’s universities and academies are able to churn out.

It is with utmost pleasure and pride that we call upon African researchers and academics in Humanities, Social Sciences, Culture, Arts, and Business in Africa to submit their papers to be considered for possible inclusion in the forthcoming RUWAZA edition at the end of the year. Please contact the Editor in Chief for more details.

Instructions for Inclusion

In order to qualify for inclusion in RUWAZA, articles must be original; they must deliberate on particular theoretical premises, and deal with replicable data to advance the said premises. In addition, the conventional formatting and style of presentation should be either the APA or MLA, but both must NOT be mixed. Submitted articles must also be in font size 12, Times New Roman, and should not be more than 20 pages A4 size FS, should have an Abstract with Key Words, Introductory Background, Theoretical background, Methodological Approach, Discussion and Summary. Articles may be submitted for consideration any time of the year; however, articles submitted after 1st January and not later than 31st March of any year will qualify for inclusion in the June Issue of a subsequent year, while those submitted between 1st July and 30st September will qualify for inclusion in the December Issue.

  1. Submit your article to:
  2. Our editorial panel will give feedback within two weeks.
  3. Upon approval, a processing fee of $150 (Or the equivalent in local currency) is required for publication


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