Prof. Yakobo J.K. Mutiti

Editor in Chief | Ruwaza Afrika

Yakobo Mutiti is an accomplished student and scholar in Languages, Linguistics, Literature and in the general area of Humanities and Social Sciences. He studied at Kenyatta University College of the University of Nairobi for his first degree and did his graduate studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. After a stint of teaching at both University of Nairobi and Egerton University, Njoro, he then proceeded for his Doctoral research studies at Egerton, successfully accomplishing the undertaking in the year 2000 AD. In 2002 the upcoming scholar went to Iowa State University on a visiting research fellowship, which was extended in 2003 at Ohio University, where he undertook a teaching appointment in the Department of Linguistics.

In 2005 the scholar then went back to his alma mater, Egerton University, where he resumed his duties as a teacher, researcher and research supervisor, including the administrative roles to which he had been appointed upon his return. As research supervisor, this scholar has successfully supervised over thirty Masters Graduate research candidates in Linguistics, Kiswahili and Literature, and over ten PhD Graduate Linguistics and Kiswahili research students. Since his return, the scholar has risen up the academic ranks, becoming Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and Full Professor of Linguistics and Communication. Since 2014, Professor Yakobo Mutiti has been at Pwani University, Kilifi, Kenya, where he has served as Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and continues to be the Editor-in-Chief, RUWAZA AFRIKA: Journal of Contemporary Research in Humanities and Social Sciences.