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RUWAZA AFRIKA: Journal of Contemporary Research in Humanities & Social Sciences is a formal representation of the academic generation of knowledge and ideas on the basis of socio-scientific research in the academies and Universities of Africa. The mandate of this journal is to nurture authentic and original African ways and paradigms of knowing and thinking in order that Africa’s place in human civilization is finally fully realized and recognized. The Journal is currently housed by the School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Pwani University, Kilifi, Kenya, and has its board of editors and scholars drawn from across Kenya and Nigeria; our aim is to include scholars from every nook and cranny of Africa so that our scholarship is inclusive.
Articles and research reports are welcome for submission from all areas of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, and, if accepted, will be included in the relevant section of the cognate discipline. The sections are formally recognized through an informed categorisation of the accepted articles into relevant disciplines and sub-disciplines which fall into different parts; it is our hope that these parts may in the future be distinct issues of the journal.

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